Who is the Wisconsin Division of Federal Property (WDFP)

Each state has an agency set up to transfer items to their eligible organizations. The equipment is initially made available through a branch of the Federal government called the General Services Administration (GSA) (without any warranties or guaranties) from sites throughout the United States and overseas. The equipment is available on a “where is, as is” basis. It is the responsibility of WDFP to arrange for transportation and the necessary requirements to acquire the equipment from the origin location.

GSA has the responsibility to oversee the program nationwide to insure the equipment is being utilized properly. The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) oversees the WDFP. The WDFP Program is a joint activity of the Wisconsin Department of Administration and the Wisconsin Technical College System Foundation, Inc. (WTCSF).

In addition to the federal surplus property, the WDFP can also make items available from private industry. These private industry materials consist of inventory that is new or late model items from many corporations in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. Like the federal property, these items are available for a small administrative fee. Some restrictions do apply on the private industry materials.

What is Federal Surplus Property?

Did you ever wonder what happens to all the equipment and supplies the Federal Government no longer needs? If no other federal agency has a use for it, items are distributed among states, putting spent tax dollars to further use.

Examples of such items include: automobiles, trucks, boats, construction equipment, aircraft, machine tools, compressors, generators, medical equipment, electronics, food preparation items, office furniture, food and many others. Anything the Federal Government uses is re-utilized through the Federal Property Program.

These surplus items are available to eligible organizations through the Wisconsin Division of Federal Property (WDFP). We can only sell to Wisconsin entities.

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