Welcome to Wisconsin’s Federal Surplus Property Program!

The Federal Surplus Property Program enables eligible organizations to obtain property that the federal government no longer needs. Property includes; automobiles, trucks, boats, construction equipment, aircraft, machine tools, compressors, generators, medical equipment, electronics, food preparation items, office furniture, food and many others.

Eligible Organizations include:

  • State and Public Agencies
  • Nonprofit Educational and Public Health Activities, Including programs for the homeless and impoverished
  • Nonprofit and Public Programs for the Elderly
  • Public Airports
  • Educational Activities of Special Interest to the Armed Services
  • Special Categories

In Wisconsin, the Federal Surplus Property Program is administered by the Department of Administration (DOA).

Contact Us

wifederal@wisconsin.gov (preferred)

Eligibility and Compliance: Andrew Shuck, 608-266-1558

Property Screener: Nadine Malm, 608-266-5462