Medford Area Fire Dept.

Medford Area Fire Department Cuts Costs by Over 50%

Fire Truck restored from old Chevy

The Medford Area Fire Department was able to cut their cost by over 50% on their new brush truck, by buying Federal Surplus.  In February 1999, the Medford Area Fire Department purchased a 1 ¼ ton, V8 Chevy 4×4 cargo truck with about 41,000 miles on it for $5,775 from the Wisconsin Division of Federal Property.  After 2 months of modifications and an additional $3,700 the truck was put into service.  The Medford Area Firemen raised the money for the truck through fundraisers and matching grants without spending any local taxpayer dollars.


Thank you,
John Fales
Public Works Director
Medford, WI