Manitowoc County Highway

Manitowoc County Highway Commission Gets Load of a Deal

Manitowoc County Highway Commission

Manitowoc County Highway recently purchased this 1985 International Hough end loader from the Wisconsin Division of Federal Property. After looking for a loader through all our local equipment dealers, we could only find loaders that were either out of our budget or old high hour units. The end loader we purchased had only 483 hours. After a complete inspection by the International dealer, they indicated to us that the loader was in excellent condition and the price was half its current value. After the inspection our shop mechanics did a complete preventive maintenance check and changed all the fluids and filters. We then had the loader painted and new decals applied. As you can see it now not only runs like new, it also looks new. In municipal budgets you always try to get the best deal you can and Manitowoc County Highway has done just that.