Division of Child and Family Services

Donated Duffel Bags to Help Kids Ease Transition to New Home

Left to Right: Ron Krawczyk, WI Federal Property Warehouse Manager; Bill Wilson, WI Federal Property Division Director; Susan Dreyfus, DCFS Administrator; Denise Revels Robinson, BMCW Director

When Milwaukee County children get removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect, plastic trash bags too often serve as their suitcases.

The state-run Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare recently secured 469 duffel bags for foster children to carry their belongings in as they make their respective sojourns through the sometimes-troubled world of foster care. 

"Everybody’s goal would be not to even need foster care," says Mike Falbo, chairman of the Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership Council, "But as long as the need exists, we want to make the transition as easy as possible." 

Susan Dreyfus, Division of Children and Family Services Administrator informed Bill Wilson, Director of the Wisconsin Division of Federal Property, of the need for the bags.  Bill then took the lead in obtaining them. 

They are heavy canvas and will last a long time.  The bags were furnished to the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare through the Division of Children and Family Services for 35 cents apiece. 

The duffel bags will be made available for Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare Case Managers to distribute to children as needed.  Based on current trends of children entering the foster care system, Denise Revels Robinson, Director of the bureau, says the bags should last about six months.