Dane County Public Works

Dane County Public Works puts Federal Surplus to Work!

Restored 621B Cat scraper

In the winter of 1995 the Dane County Landfill purchased two 621B Cat scrapers through Federal Surplus. We had them brought in from Germany so I had no way of knowing their actual condition. Federal Surplus agreed to rectify the situation if the machines turned out to be worthless. The first one arrived in July of 1995 and I was amazed at the excellent condition it was in. Other than the paint, both machines were like new. When we looked at the hour meters, each one had less than 500 hours on it. We painted them, changed all of the fluids, and put them to work. They were both used to train new operators so you can imagine the abuse. Since then, we’ve put 3000 hours on them without any problems. As a county government operation, we never would have been able to afford these machines without Federal Surplus and their low prices.

Thank you,
Mike DiMaggio
Landfill Supervisor
Dane County Public Works